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Name Instrument

Anna Avery

Piano, Orff, Theory, Jazz

Barbara Barchen


Keitha Clark


Tom Connor 

Percussion, Piano Theory, Theory, Voice, Jazz, Classical

Keiko Fujise

Suzuki Violin, Violin



Barry Kitchen

Piano, Organ, Choral Accompaniment, Piano Tuning/Technician

Amy Klassen

Piano, Theory

Joyce E. Klassen


Henry Klassen

Voice, Music History

Andrea McColeman

Piano, Accordion, Combo Coach

Connie Penner

Piano, Theory, Composition

Elayne Sayney

Emi Saito

Emily Sheff

Andy Slade


Beginner Piano

Beginner Piano

Piano, Theory, Composition, Arranging

Ellen Thompson

Piano, Theory, Voice

Roslyn Wilson

Piano, Accompaniment

Cheryl Wishart

Piano, Choral Accompaniment


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