Benefits of Membership in the Yukon Registered Music Teacher’s Association:

  • Belong to a group of dedicated private music instructors
  • Belong to a nationally recognized association
  • Be able to use “Registered” as your personal teacher designation
  • Take part in many workshops, master-classes and recitals
  • Receive a significant Liability Insurance Policy to cover studio and other musical events sponsored by your studio as a member benefit

Want to become a member?

How to become a Member of YRMTA

We welcome those who would wish to become members of YRMTA. In order to do so, transcripts of completed courses and/or degrees would have to be handed in to the Secretary of YRMTA.


When we became an association registered affiliated with the Canadian Federation of Music Teachers’ Associations, we were required to list our qualifications requirements. They are below from our By-Laws:

1. Membership:

1.1 1.2

The Association shall be composed of active REGISTERED MUSIC TEACHERS AND AFFILIATES.



This category includes experienced teachers who are deemed equivalent by the Territorial Bylaws. They have not met ALL criteria set out for full Territorial RMT membership. Affiliate Members will be allowed to vote but not hold office NATIONALY, will receive “The Canadian Music Teacher”, but will NOT be entitled to use the RMT designation. Affiliate Members will be categorized in one of three Affiliate Members Levels:

1.2.1 1.2.2 1.2.3

Uses RMT designation

Votes at Territorial Association meetings
Includes Conservatory Associateships, Bachelor of Musical Arts, Bachelor of Music, Master of Music, Doctorate of Music, and those accepted as members by the Territorial Association. These could include experienced teachers who are deemed equivalent by the Territorial Bylaws because they have met ALL criteria required.



1.3.3 1.3.4

Affiliate Member Level I
Completed Grade 10 Conservatory with all theory completed OR Ecole de musique Vincent-d’Indy Neuvieme Annee-Laureat II

Affiliate Member Level II
Completed Grade 9 Conservatory with all theory completed OR Ecole de musique Vincent-d’Indy Septieme Annee-Superieur II

Affiliate Member Level III
Other as determined by each Province/Territory

An Auxiliary Member is not teaching, but supports the objects

and goals of the Association. They are not entitled to use the RMT designations nor entitled to vote at Territorial Association meetings.

  1. 1.4  The term “active” shall apply to any member who is not absent from more than three consecutive meetings without notification to the Secretary or other officers of the Association.
    Members from outside of Whitehorse are exempted.

  2. 1.5  Every member, to maintain membership in good standing, must attend at least one music workshop, lesson, give a workshop, or participate in a recital annually.

  3. 1.6  Active membership is contingent upon payment of dues as outlined (elsewhere).