May/June RCM THEORY Exam Update

A message from the Royal Conservatory of Music Certificate Program

May/June Exam Session Update

We truly appreciate the challenges you face during a difficult period and also the time, dedication, and effort that has been made by you and your students in preparation for theory exams. We want to help you and your students to complete the year and achieve the goals towards which you have been working. Over the past few years we have introduced online options to provide teachers and students with greater flexibility and support in their musical journey. These online courses now provide us with the ability to ensure that all theory students can complete their examinations within the academic year (ending June 30) as planned. In the interests of safety, we are therefore replacing May in-person exams with online exams. Exam centers will be closed at this time and online exams will proceed.  

What does this mean? 

Students registered in the May theory exam session will receive an email with instructions on how to access and complete their exam online.  
We encourage you to work with your student through FaceTime, email, phone, or other virtual means to continue supporting them with their questions. 
A webinar will be available to walk you through the format of the online exam and provide tips on how to support your students during this period of social distancing. 
There is no additional cost to you or any student that is already registered for the May Theory Session. 

This solution will enable students to stay on track with their educational plans and support your ability to continue teaching during this time.  

What do I need to do?  

You will receive an invitation to attend a webinar by April 8 reviewing the format of the online exam. Please RSVP for the theory level that is relevant to your students. The webinar will be recorded and posted on the teacher portal for those who are unable to attend the scheduled live session.  

What about practical exams?  

For those students who have also registered for a practical examination in the May/June session, we will provide a solution by April 8 that enables completion of the exam. We are committed and dedicated to your ongoing music education and appreciate your patience as we navigate this unprecedented situation.  


The RCM Certificate Program