A Letter From Our President

Encouraging words from the president of the Yukon Registered Teachers Association:

   As we pass into these unprecedented times that we are all experiencing, we must remember that student/mentor relationships have been going on for centuries, and as we must TEMPORARILY distance our personal contact, we must adapt to how to do online lessons. No duets with our students, no touching their wrist or arm to help positioning or relaxation, and perhaps frustration with our new technical tools. 
   We are required to be deeper thinking teachers, to be able to measure and respond to anxiety from computer based perception, to think of new ways to accomplish musical gains, and have new games to play. Teaching is an art form that is always developing new ways to develop musical minds. 
   Sharing ideas, tips, forums used is helpful. Connection will make our isolation more bearable, and help us to realize that we are ALL in this together.

Anna Avery 

President YRMTA